National Invoice Converting Program

Used to waiting 30-120 days before your buyer pays?
Invoice to cash in 48 hours

Our global financial initiative for small and medium sized businesses allows you to convert current or future invoices into cash in 48 hours.
High limit
convert invoices for up to 4.5 million USD per company
High speed
48 hours
do it online and receive cash 48 hours after the documents have been signed
2 docs
only 2 signed documents needed
$500 million reserved for invoice converting.
How do you get access to the funds?

Register in the program

Upload your invoices to be assessed

Get your cash 48 hours after the documents have been signed and the invoices approved by the platform

Convert my invoices
What is the National Invoice Converting Program (NICP)?
It is a global financial initiative for small and medium sized businesses, supported by a pool of well-known investors and with reserves of 500m USD. The program was developed to improve the conditions for international trade by providing more financial opportunities for fast-growing companies.
Who can apply?
Any trading or manufacturing company in your country that has a stable relationship with the overseas buyer.
What is the maximum financial limit I can receive?
For fast financing the system allows 4.5 million USD per buyer.
What new documents do I need to sign?
A contract with Stenn Financing Platform and a notice with the buyer.
How fast will I get the money in my account?
The transfer of funds will take 48 hours after all documents have been signed and the invoices approved.
What is Stenn?
Stenn is a UK-based international financial provider that gives financial support within the NICP.
Convert with Stenn
$7.0 Billion
invoices financed since 2015
74 countries
covered by Stenn’s online trade finance platform
Data confidentiality
We keep your financial data safe and secure.
Stenn App to fully track transactions
Use the Stenn App to always stay in the loop with your invoice finance transactions.
24/7 professional support from Stenn
Get help and professional advice any time you need it.
4X portfolio growth in the last 18 months
There is no limit to how much you can make. We will fund all your clients that match our requirements.

Case studies

Solar Panels, India
The supplier exports products to one of the leading manufacturers of solar PV mounting systems in North America.
Fish & Seafood, Peru
Financial aid for trade - Stenn provided a seven-figure trade finance facility to help a Peruvian frozen seafood exporter expand its business with European buyers.
Wire & Cable, USA
We completed a finance program for a maritime wire and cable firm in the USA importing from suppliers in Canada and China.
Gaming Gadgets, Netherlands
A seven-figure trade finance facility for a Dutch electronics games company. The program was Stenn’s first finance program in the Netherlands to encompass both export and domestic trade.
Electronics, China
A Chinese electronics manufacturer delivering to a wholesale company in the US.
Seafood, Ecuador
We are very happy to provide a working capital solution for this seafood exporter in Ecuador shipping to a customer in Germany.

Stenn in the media

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Barclays Bank invests in fintech scale-up Stenn
Stenn Closes New $200 Million Programme to Expand Digital Trade Finance Services
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